How Ardius Works with CPA Firms

As we head into what is sure to be another busy tax season, CPA firms will be seeking out new ways to deliver value to their clients. I know this annual effort well: I spent a combined 10 years at Deloitte and KPMG supporting large companies before running my own small R&D credit consulting firm focused on serving startups for another 5 years.

Most CPAs are generalists focused on ensuring the overall health of client balance sheets, much like primary care physicians focus on a holistic picture of patient health. However, many CPA firms don’t have as much experience with more niche tax situations and credits like the Research & Development (R&D) tax credit, which incentivizes business innovation in the U.S. This is where Ardius comes in.

You wouldn’t expect your primary care physician(“PCP”) to perform a specialized function like heart surgery, but your PCP might give you a referral to a specialist who can provide the care you need. The R&D tax credit requires a team of specialists, just like a healthcare specialization. I spent my entire career specializing in the R&D tax credit, which I consider to be the best kept tax secret in the accounting world.

Together, generalist CPAs and our R&D tax credit specialists at Ardius can partner to unlock more tax credits for their clients, ensuring they get the best possible financial outcomes for their businesses. Here’s a closer look at what that partnership looks like.

The R&D Tax Credit isn’t hard to qualify for, but it is more work

The language in the R&D credit section of the tax code is complicated, but many businesses qualify for activities they are already doing in their day-to-day work. However, determining whether a client is eligible requires a level of expertise that many CPAs can’t support without a significant increase in workload.

Claiming the credit can also expose both the CPA and the client to audit risk and additional costs if the filing process is inaccurate or incomplete.

CPAs need an ally in this effort to help their clients get the biggest tax benefit and ensure they have proper substantiation defending their claim to the credit in case of an audit. Ardius makes the process easy, without adding more tasks to accountants’ to-do lists.

And, Ardius does not collect a fee unless your client qualifies for and receives a credit.

Our focus is the R&D tax credit, and we leave the rest to CPAs

Ardius specializes in R&D tax credit qualification, and that’s all we offer. We don’t do tax compliance work, federal and state tax returns, or seek to fulfill the traditional generalist CPA role.

Our singular focus gives us the ability to help guide CPAs through how their customers can qualify and get them more than they expected. Our technology platform empowers us to identify qualifying activities and the expenses for those activities at scale. It includes the experience of our CPAs and their decades of R&D experience at Big Four firms.

Our platform also provides qualitative documentation supporting the R&D claims, helping customers maintain audit readiness. All customers have timely access to the required annual substantiation documentation available in our platform.

Ardius’ relationships don’t stop when clients get their tax credits

Once clients receive their benefits, Ardius continues to support CPAs and their customers for the long run. We help keep businesses on track to qualify for credits from year to year, and keep firms up to date with the most relevant and timely information they need.

We understand the trust CPAs place in us when partnering to serve their clients, which is why we communicate at every step to ensure accuracy.

Even if your clients don’t qualify now, Ardius can help CPAs advise clients on how to become eligible for the R&D credits in the future.

Ardius is dedicated to growing alongside CPA partners and their clients

Ardius’ level of commitment to the financial wellbeing of its customers is uncommon among its peers. Businesses large and small, qualifying and non-qualifying alike, need help to keep their businesses lean and get the most out of their money and tax returns.

Our goal is to build a trusted, mutually beneficial partnership. Once a CPA experiences working with Ardius’ team and platform, it’s a matter of time until they recommend Ardius to other clients.

If you’d like to connect with us to learn more about how we can help CPAs maximize client value and grow their firms, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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