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Ardius is where tax credit expertise meets advanced automation.

What is the R&D Credit?

The R&D credit is a tax credit that the IRS awards to entrepreneurs of innovative

companies. Startups can reduce their payroll taxes by $250,000 annually, while

profitable companies can directly reduce income tax liability.

The Ardius Advantage

Optimized Calculations

It takes an innovator to know an innovator. We ensure you get the credit you deserve.

Ardius Dashboard

It’s simple and intuitive, who needs tax jargon?

Audit Defense

We document for IRS compliance and peace of mind.

Tax Filing Assistance

Ardius will prepare the R&D forms and partner with your CPA for filing.


We use industry standard encryption and best practices to secure your data.

No Risk Fees

Ardius gets paid when you use your R&D credits. We call that a win-win.

Factors for Success

IRS 4 Part Test Compliance
Encryption for Security and Privacy
Payroll and Expense Credit Optimization
Federal and State Credits
Quantitative and Qualitative Reports
Tax Filing Assistance - CPA Collaboration
Audit Defense Support
Multi-project Studies
Ability to Capture Credits from the Past
Final Stamp of Approval by R&D Expert
Accessible Document Repository
Payroll Credit Tracking
User-friendly Platform
Software API Integrations
Provide R&D Tax Forms
No Risk Fees Based on Credit Utilization

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