Do you Qualify for the R&D Credit?

What is the R&D Credit?

The R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar, non-dilutive tax incentive for US-based companies that innovate. Companies across industries can qualify, including early-stage startups and profitable companies.

The IRS 4-Part Qualification Test

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Qualification for Federal R&D Tax Credit

In 1981, R&D tax legislation was passed, but in the years that followed it mostly benefited large enterprises with $100M+ in revenue. In 2015, the PATH Act gave small and medium-sized businesses access to R&D tax credits. 

For early-stage startups – Startups may use federal R&D credits against up to $250,000 of their payroll taxes in five separate taxable years—a total of $1.25M—if they have: Gross receipts less than $5M in the tax credit year and no gross receipts for any of the four preceding tax years. The credits can also be carried forward as an asset on their balance sheet until utilized.

For mid-stage and mature companies – If a company has gross receipts over $5M or began bringing in sales over 5 years ago, it could qualify to offset unlimited income taxes with R&D credits.

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