Our mission

We founded Ardius with a mission to democratize tax incentives that reward innovation, giving all companies a bigger opportunity to grow.

Type A Technology. Team Player People.

  • We are a diverse group of people with experience spanning accounting, engineering, and entrepreneurship.
  • We brought together top engineers in gaming and automation to build our ‘type A ‘ technology–an obsessive, AI-powered platform that uncovers the biggest possible credit, every time.
  • Across every level of the company, all the way up to our Founder, we have CPAs who cut their teeth at the Big 4 firms before becoming change agents at Ardius.

Our Partners

"Ardius takes something very labor intensive and archaic and makes it super easy. Their Big Four tax and accounting experience and start-up expertise make me confident that I can continue to benefit from these types of credits for years to come. I'd recommend Ardius to any founder!"

Walter Chen,