About Us

Ardius is the SaaS platform that makes it easy for companies to discover and claim tax credits each year.

Our Mission

We believe there’s beauty in the struggle of defining a new company, whether growing from a garage or gearing up for your next funding round – it’s hard work. Our purpose is to help you ascend, to scale one step at a time until you reach the pinnacle of your success and keep climbing.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

Crush it with
Attitude & Results

Devour Challenges

Be Fun & Weird

Our Team

There are only two things in life you cannot escape…

We thought taxes seemed like the way to go. We help startups utilize R&D credits as a catalyst for success. Let Ardius focus on the boring tax stuff so you can focus on growing your business!

Team Facts

  • Has over 60 years of big 4 tax experience
  • Has tech guru leadership from companies with Billions in sales
  • Has over 45 years of loving customer success
  • Has four Mikes
  • Has an aardvark who sniffs for money
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with boba tea

Arthur Davie


Ronny Daley

Vice President

Janna Tamsyn

Finance Director

Darcie Lynette


Bonnie Delbert


John Doe


Marlin Herman

General Manager

Rowland Jett


Ardie’s Story

After a lucrative career at a well respected big 4 accounting firm, Ardie enjoyed his retirement imbibing in the local viticulture scene. Introduced through a friend, we convinced Ardie to come out of retirement and join Ardius as CCS (Chief Credit Sniffer). As an aardvark, he holds a distinguishable advantage when it comes to sniffing out R&D tax credits and shows a mastery of the tax industry. Please welcome Ardie to the team!

Claiming the Credit You Deserve

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