About Ardius

A story of accounting, engineering, and the entrepreneurial spirit

Our mission

We founded Ardius with a mission to democratize tax incentives that reward innovation, giving all companies a bigger opportunity to grow.

Our Partners

Joshua Lee

CEO/Founder, CPA

13+ Years CPA Experience

Richelle Drost

Customer Success

Karla Frazier

Customer Success

Dimitri Ramos

Software Developer

Michael Young


Eileen Bae

Technical Writer

Michael Betwarda

R&D Credit Specialist

Jay Manon

R&D Tax Specialist, JD

20+ Years CPA & Tax Law Experience

Janice Orlando

Business Development & Operations

Marc Grayeb

R&D Credit Specialist

Byron Wang

Product/Head of Engineering

Frank Chiu

Director of Machine Learning

Jim Lee

Design Director

Natale Lessey

Technical Writer

Elbert Ballo

Software Developer

Mike Hsieh

R&D Credit Specialist

Patrick Kim

Product Designer

Kyle Fried

R&D Credit Specialist

Sam Lee

QA Manager

Phillip Hyun

Strategic Partnerships

Mike Okabayashi


36+ Years CPA Experience

Brennan de Raad

Business Development

Chris Morgan

Business Development

Origin Story

Even with the expansion of R&D tax credits in 2015, barriers to access remain. Only select CPAs and top firms have been trained to navigate the new tax laws, and even then the process is excessively time-consuming. That’s where Ardius comes in.

US R&D tax legislation

was passed, but mostly benefited large enterprises with $100M+ in revenue.


The PATH Act

gave small and medium-sized businesses access to R&D tax credits.


Ardius intelligence

automates the process, finally making it cost effective to turn your ideas into tax credits.


Type A Technology. Team Player People.

  • We are a diverse group of people with experience spanning accounting, engineering, and entrepreneurship.
  • We brought together top engineers in gaming and automation to build our ‘type A ‘ technology–an obsessive, AI-powered platform that uncovers the biggest possible credit, every time.
  • Across every level of the company, all the way up to our Founder, we have CPAs who cut their teeth at the Big 4 firms before becoming change agents at Ardius.

Take our tax credit optimizer for a test drive.

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