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Every penny counts. It’s time to capture your share of the $50 Billion Federal R&D tax credits. Rest assured with our risk-free pricing.

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The IRS awards R&D tax credits to innovative companies. Startups can reduce payroll taxes by $250,000 annually. Profitable companies can directly reduce tax liability.

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The R&D Tax Credit
is a dollar-for-dollar non-dilutive cash incentive.

can claim up to $1.25 Million in payroll tax offsets.

Profitable Companies
can claim unlimited tax liability offsets.

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In all seriousness, talk to one of our experts to see if you qualify.

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Connect Ardius to your payroll and accounting platforms to let Ardie find your qualified research expenses.

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After Ardie finds your qualified research expenses, he turns them into R&D tax credits. Voilà!

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Get your R&D report from the Ardius dashboard to file your R&D credit.

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Walter Chen

Ardius takes something very labor intensive and makes it super easy. Their Big Four tax and accounting experience and start-up expertise make me confident that I can continue to benefit from these types of credits for years to come.

Walter Chen,



Tanner Lacey

Non-dilutive capital is always better than dilutive. This has got to be the biggest no-brainer for any start-up.

Tanner Lacey,



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