Get your company's maximum R&D tax credit

We combine intelligent automation and Big 4 accounting experts to get your company’s maximum R&D tax credit–risk-free. You deserve more credit.

What is the R&D Credit?

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Our Technology

Informed by top CPAs, our platform automates what would take an accountant weeks. Using AI and machine learning, it processes hundreds of thousands of transactions to find credits.

AI Credit Calculator

Ardius scans payroll and expenses to find your maximum credit, every year.​

Beyond Federal Credit

We capture state R&D credits for 35 states, as well as credits for past filings.

Data Integrations

We integrate with top payroll and accounting platforms to save you time.

Our Tax Expertise

While other providers have zero-to-few CPAs on staff, Ardius is the only R&D tax credit optimizer built by a team of Big 4 accounting experts.

On-Staff CPAs

We have 69+ years of combined experience at the Big 4 firms.

Filing Assistance

We’ll support you or your accountant through the filing process.

Audit Readiness

We helped standardize how the IRS audits R&D credits. (Seriously.)

How It Works

1. Connect

Ardius integrates with payroll and accounting tools you already use, making it fast and easy to get started.

2. Uncover Credits

We scan your data each tax year for qualifying research-related expenses, turning them into federal and state R&D tax credits.

3. File

Claim credits with confidence. If you’re not ready to utilize credits, they can be carried forward as an asset on your balance sheet.

The Ardius Difference

The Other Guys

With other R&D tax credit solutions, prepare for some combination of the following:

Old School

Claiming credits manually will cost you time and money.

Minimal Credit

Get a 'something is better than nothing' approach to your credits.

Limited Experience

Some online solutions only have a few (or zero!) CPAs on staff.

Loan-Based Pricing

You shouldn’t have to bring on debt to uncover savings.


Automation + Expertise = Your Biggest Possible R&D Credit

Intelligent Automation

We process a wider range of transactions, with precision.

Bigger Credit

At Ardius, we combine the best of taxes and tech to uncover credits that are 2.5–4x bigger.*

On-Staff CPAs

Our experience spans the Big 4–Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG.

Risk-Free Pricing

If we don’t find credit, you pay $0.

*According to Ardius customers. Actual results may vary.

By the Numbers

Up to 4X

bigger credits, according 

to Ardius customers*

69+ Years

combined Big 4 tax 

experience at Ardius


owed if we don’t 

uncover credits

Up to $250K

per year for 5 years,
for startups


federal R&D credits

available annually**


non-dilutive cash

*Results may vary | **Estimated 2018

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